Location: Barrington, West Dundee
Massage Therapist
Experience Level: 2+ Years

Danielle Oates

Danielle has a passion for massage and believes massage is a key factor for wellness. Wellness is most readily achieved when body, mind and spirit are integrated and energy is used efficiently. Danielle is proficient in several modalities of massage to meet a wide variety of client needs. She focuses on activating her client’s parasympathetic nervous system; the state in which we “rest & digest”.  When we are in that state, it facilitates healing and stress relief. She blends a combination of Swedish/Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Proprioceptive Techniques, and Mayofascial Massage into treatments based on her client’s unique requirements. ​

Through Danielle’s life experiences and education, she is conscious of the direct correlation between stress, body awareness, and quality of life.

Instagram: @danielle_spableu