Why the Royce Hair Brand?

05 Mar Why the Royce Hair Brand?


Image courtesy of Spa Bleu

As an Elite Stylist and Trainer at Spa Bleu, Christy Bruski knows a thing or two about hair. Following a need she saw with her clients for top quality home-care, she used her knowledge and experience to create ROYCE hair tools, which bridge the gap between consumers and professionals in the hair industry. The result: some of the best hair tools on the market. From layout to execution, each new design presents the opportunity to push limits—both creatively and technically. The results are nothing short of spectacular; the practical and trendy designs exemplify cutting-edge technology. The ROYCE hair brand is more than just a prestigious brand hair tool—it truly is the best of its kind.

After spending months searching for a new straightening iron, Bruski decided to take measures into her own hands. All of those sleepless nights spent trying to find the “perfect” straightener fueled the fruition of her now trademarked brand. With the hair’s integrity at the forefront during her extensive research, she decided to take MIT’s consensus and create an iron that would be suitable for all hair types and promote healthy, shiny locks.

Image courtesy of Spa Bleu

The Mercury Series contains tourmaline ion technology, with ground gemstone covering the ceramic plates of the iron, making it durable and smooth. This technology also aids in the smoothing process of hair by generating 20 times more moisture-locking ions than all competing straightening plates. The iron seals in the hair’s natural oils, protecting delicate strands from repeated heat exposure and leaves behind silky, smooth, and shiny hair.

Following the launch of The Mercury Series, ROYCE released its Eternal Tie-Ups hair ties.  ROYCE’s hair ties are customized and designed to be gentle on your hair, all while looking extremely cute on your wrist. Made from super-soft durable elastic, the Eternals won’t bend, tug, crease, or get tangled in your hair. These tie-ups accessorize your hair while maintaining the functionality of a classic hair elastic.

The latest release from ROYCE is the Jayla Marie Hair-Tie Cuff Bracelet. Named after her eldest daughter and inspired as a solution to unsightly indents left by hair elastics on their wrists, the Jayla Marie cuff bracelet offers an elegant way to let your wrist live indent-free from hair ties! Made from stainless steel and featuring a shiny metallic finish, the cuff cleverly holds and disguises hair elastics.

Christy is still designing in hopes of adding more innovative items to the ROYCE  brand collection soon!

To find out more, see these products in person (or even come meet Christy herself), stop by Spa Bleu in West Dundee, IL and ask our front desk about ROYCE hair tools.