Wellness Package 2013

Continue your path to wellness with the help of our newly created Wellness Package for January of 2013. It is important always to continue focusing on your overall healthy and happiness within your own life. Creating a daily balanced routine will only aid in the end result of implementing positive wellness into your life. Spa Bleu is here for all of your beauty and wellness needs and our talented staff is here to help guide your well-being into the right direction.
We have designed a package that you can choose from these three services below:
Elemental Nature 60 minute massage
Elemental nature 60 minute facial
Specialty 60 minute Pedicure
Within these services you can choose 5 services for the price of $325, this is a $100 savings. These services will expire after 6 months and can be used all on different days.
As I set my own personal goals for 2013 I committed to living a healthy lifestyle and taking time for myself out of my hectic and on-the-go lifestyle. It is important to take time to yourself and continue on a road to a healthier you! What aspects of your life would you like to change? A common answer is stress level, always busy/no relaxation, and improving health usually range at the top of your list. Taking the time out for yourself once a month will help improve your lifestyle overall. Picking from each of these services you will have the option of choosing what you would need best that given month.
“One whose physiology is in balance and whose body, mind and senses remain full of bliss is called a healthy person.” – Shushruta Samh
Have a healthy and blessed new year,
Colleen Fahy
Aveda Mentor