Laser Hair Reduction

Spa Bleu is now offering laser hair reduction treatments at the West Dundee location. Designed to act on hair follicles by heating and destructing them through a laser beam, our laser hair treatments are perfect for low-maintenance, flawless skin. Here’s what you need to know to prepare for your first service.

Before your treatment:

Check a few items off the list! Make sure that you avoid sun exposure and tanning lotions. Stop your waxing or tweezing regimen 4-6 weeks before your appointment—but make sure that you shave the day of your scheduled appointment.

During your service:

You’ll be given a complimentary consultation to decide your treatment plan. Some skin types may undergo a patch test to ensure best results. Finally, you’ll receive protective eyewear to wear during the service (it’s super chic).

After your appointment:

Follow these rules to ensure silky, smooth skin:
• No sun exposure for the treated area
• Keep it dry—no swimming, hot tub or jacuzzi use or excessive sweating
• No exfoliants
• And, of course—apply sunscreen!

Results vary by person and treatment area. Optimal results can be achieved in as little as 6-10 15-minute sessions! Contact a laser service technician today for your free treatment plan.

Laser Pricing

Laser Lip$100.00
Laser Chin$150.00
Laser Cheeks$150.00
Laser Full Face$275.00
Laser Underarm$125.00
Laser Half Arm$175.00
Laser Full Arm$225.00
Laser Half Leg$175.00
Laser Full Leg$300.00
Laser Bikini (female only)$225.00
Laser Brazilian (female only)$250.00
Laser Buttock$175.00
Laser Back$250.00
Laser Lower Ab$175.00
Laser Upper Ab$175.00
Laser Areola$150.00
Laser Feet$175.00
Laser Full Body (female only)$850.00

Purchase a series of 6 for one area and receive 10% off.

Purchase a series of 12 for one area and receive 12 FREE underarm sessions

A 3% service fee is added to all tickets upon checkout

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