Pure Privilege with Jacki Van

Pure Privilege with Jacki Van

Interviewed by Andrea Wascher SDP ASGL

Name: Jacki VanLysebettens

Salon Name: Spa Bleu (Both locations)
Department: Front Dsk/Support Staff
Team Member sinceAugst 2011
2012 Pure Privilege: 236 New Enrollment
2012 Salon Pure Privilege: 1,203 (both locations combined)


1.      What is your favorite thing about your position?

My favorite thing about my position is the fact to face interaction that I have with guests. I like being the first and last person that they see.  It gives me the opportunity to ensure that they had a good experience and I like hearing their feedback and praise about their services.  It makes me feel good, knowing that they feel good and had a positive experience at Spa Bleu.
2.      What is your favorite thing about Aveda’s Pure Privilege program? 
My favorite thing about the Pure Privilege program is the fact that Aveda offers a rewards program.  I love that Aveda doesn’t downgrade or discredit their high quality products by discounting them.  By offering a rewards program to their guests they go an extra step to give back and reward their loyal guests.  My second favorite thing about the program is that it doesn’t expire as long as guests purchase at least one Aveda product every 24 months.  This is one of the reasons that Pure Privilege is a great program for all types of Aveda purchasers. There are so many other programs out there with stricter guidelines and rules, Pure Privilege makes it easy and you get free samples and benefits just for simply being a member, regardless of your purchase quantities.
3.      Why do you encourage guests to join Pure Privilege? 
Guests deserve to get something back for their investment in Aveda.  Guests get a lot more for $10 than just points – they’re getting a lifetime membership into something more than just great products, they’re enrolling in something bigger than themselves.  They’re investing money and their time for their beauty needs and at the same time providing a cleaner and safer environment for people all around the world.  With
out even knowing it many Pure Privilege members are making a difference.
4.      What motivates you to support Pure Privilege?
The goal of giving someone something that is worth their time and money is constant. It’s a constant challenge with every person that you come in contact with because each person has different needs. Plus the things that Aveda is coming out with, such as, promotions, samples, and rewards are always changing.  The people and initiatives that Aveda is supporting keep things fresh and interesting.
5.      How do you make Pure Privilege successful? 
I make it successful by trying to keep high energy!  I want to keep guests engaged so that they are just as interested day 365 as they are day 1.  You have to have constant energy because if you don’t have energy they won’t, your energy transfers to the guest. 
6.      What is the most challenging thing about enrolling a new guest into the Pure Privilege program?
Trying to convey why the Pure Privilege program is worth much more than the $10 activation fee. Trying to convey the value can be difficult especially when their service is ending.  It can be difficult to get guests to pause and listen to you at the end of their service, even though the benefits of the program may be appealing to them. 
7.      How do you overcome your challenges?
I say it all, you have to, because each person gets fired up, touched, or responds to something differently.  Since it’s different for every person you have to be willing to say it all to give them the opportunity for something to click.  What’s important to one person isn’t important to all.  So when you cover it all there is normally something that people find really appealing and that they are passionate about.
8.      What is one thing that you would change about Pure Privilege?
I would change some of the rewards.  For example the first tier has mainly travel sizes to choose from, yet it also encourages guests to save their points and keep striving for more.
9.      What do you do differently to drive Pure Privilege excitement? 
I assume that every guest has Pure Privilege because it is something that every Aveda purchaser should
have.  When they dont I’m surprised and I share that excitement with them.  I get excited to be the first one to give them the knowledge and to be the first person to share this with them.
10.  What advice do you have for those newer to the Pure Privilege program, or those that may be struggling?
Practice on people that you know, the more comfortable that you are the better.  Secondly, change it up, one size doesn’t fit all.  I practiced on my mom when I first started about 4 times a day, because you have to be comfortable talking about it in different ways.  When you say it the same way over and over you lose something that can be heard in your voice. People will stop listening to you if your enthusiasm is gone.  Live on edge because the thrill and rush of being on your toes keeps the excitement flowing.  The minute that you’re comfortable you’re not changing anyone’s mind, sometimes not even yours.
11.   Why do you think Spa Bleu is successful with Pure Privilege?
We’ve made it a priority for our guests to have the awareness and knowledge of everything that Aveda and Spa Bleu has to offer them.  The awareness alone opens so many doors.