Summer Skin Care

Around this time of year many people start to feel extra oily, have more issues with pigmentation, and tend to over do it in the sun causing sunburn. All of the issues can easily be taken care of just by adding a few products into your daily routine.

One of the top concerns that bring people in for facials during the summer is  for their skin feeling oily and dirty. The two products that I always like to recommend for at home use or in between facials is our toning mist and the herbal clay masque. Our toning mist helps to balance the water retention in your skin that the sun tends to soak up and at the same time dissolves surface oil. The refreshing mist should be sprayed on your skin after cleansing and can even be sprayed on top of your makeup application. Our clay masque is a great way to give yourself a nice deep cleanse at home. The masque helps draw out extra oil and impurities that can be sitting under your skin clogging your pores.

Another concern I tend to come across is discoloration. Aveda Enbrightment line helps to fade pigmentation and increase clarity. This becomes very important when it comes to sun spots and signs of aging within your skin.  
Sunburn is never fun, but especially not on your face. Our intensive hydrating masque works great to help calm sunburn fast. The number one thing you want to do is stay away from heat on that area and focus on cooling it. The masque not only cools but also helps hydrate skin which helps aid in the healing process. 
All of those tips are some things you can do at home to help with your summer skin care issues. For best results, facials are recommended on a regular basis and always remember your sunscreen on a daily basis. All of our makeup has SPF 15 that will help protect throughout your day.  
Estetchian Team
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