Summer Services

Here at Spa Bleu, we offer a variety of services that can be beneficial during the summer months. These vary from, hair, skincare, and nails. During these hot summer months, it is especially important to not forget about yourself when you may be in need of specific services depending on your concern. Don’t let the summer months slip by without taking care of yourself first. These services will help relax and help any specific needs you might have.

Plan on being in a bathing suit and hanging by the pool with family and friends? Having problem areas on skin can not only be around your facial area. All parts of your body, including your back, can build up oil and congestion. This is why we offer a Back Treatment. This relaxing service is best described as a facial for your back. It is customized to focus on cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, and massage. This treatment can help you feel more comfortable in your bathing suit and even a sundress while your in public.

Feeling dry and in need of a deep exfoliation for your body? Utilizing Aveda’s Body Polish Body Treatment will help exfoliate and moisturize, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth. This service is not recommended if you have a sunburn but can be extremely beneficial to someone who is concerned with feeling extra dry and skin feeling dehydrated due to the weather.

Sandals are a must wear during the summer, and having your feet polished and looking fresh is a must. Enjoy our Caribbean Therapy Pedicure that is a rejuvenating and nurturing treatment for the feet that uses an exfoliating paste and warming masque derived from exotic Caribbean ingredients. Our Spa Ritual vegan nail polish line has many bright and fun colors to choose from to help finish off your beautiful pedicure.

If your  hair is feeling dry from the sun after a vacation, scheduling a Botanical Hair and Scalp Therapy would be recommended. This is a intensive treatment that will help repair the hair from being over processed due to the sun. Enjoy a deep scalp massage that helps activate the conditioner. Also, to prevent sun damage, utilizing our sun care line can help avoid any problems.

Colleen Fahy
Guest Services
Aveda Mentor