Back to school fashion

Summer seems to be flying by and next thing you know, it is time to go back to school!
All the stress of buying the right school supplies for each age, lunch items, books, and at six in the morning on the first day of school you hear your child yell, “Mom, I have nothing to wear for school!” Just the thought of that makes me stress out! So what is the appropriate outfit to wear for the first day? Have no fear!!  Here are a few ideas for your girl or boy (yes even boys need some fashion help)

First for the Ladies~~
The boyfriend blazer has been around for a few years now. It is a comfy article of clothing that can be dressed up or dressed down.

  • Add it to a pair of jeans or a simple dress and you got yourself a fun outfit!

Now for the gentlemen:

  • A solid t-shirt or a graphic t- shirt
  • short sleeve button down on top
  • Throw on a pair of dark washed jeans

If you have an older daughter looking for a more mature look, here are a few tips~~

  • A light-weight cardigan
  • A solid color mini skirt

  • Add a patterned scarf
  • For shoes, just a simple flat
For the boy who has a sensitive but ‘bad boy’ side have him wear:
  • A retro t-shirt,
  • Skinny dark washed jeans,
  • Hoodie
  • Some high tops
If you are looking for good places to shop for your children Target, H&M, Sears, Kohl’s and many others have great looks for all ages! Hope this was help. Good luck and happy shopping!

Sam Koontz
Support Staff

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