How to come prepared for an up-do

How to Come Prepared for an Up-do
Up-do season is all year round! It is no longer practical or
necessary to come into the salon with dirty hair.  The styles
performed on dirty hair are in the past.
Backcombing bubble styles are rare, if desired the advancements in
hair products will give stylist the texture they need, while still
having the soft look you get from clean hair. Dirty hair may cause a
challenge when trying to achieve your look.  Oils on the hair prevent it from curling, while with a more relaxed look oils can cause the hair to separate.  Separation can make it impossible to have the soft look of modern styles.

Other commone challenges are the styling techniques performed on yourself
prior to your service.  If the hair gets flat ironed it will not curl
properly.  If the flat iron presses the hair with high heat, it may not
bend well with a curling iron.  The hair should be washed, completely dry,
and round brushed lightly (if desired).  Gels,
such as AVEDA’s Confixor or Flaxseed Aloe, are great for hold while styling your hair at home.  Leave all heat styling to your stylist.
Kelly Tomasso (Dunbar)

Spa Bleu