Glamour Is Back

Every summer we sweep our hair up to get it off our necks and faces. The messy look always wins over the summer, but come fall, glamour  and style come back for vengeance! This fall the top trends are blasts from the past! The bouffant from the 50’s is back. Now don’t get scared, its not the same bouffant you’re thinking of. Yes, the volume is still the same, bu the helmet style is gone. This new updated bouffant ties in yet another trend for fall which is flashy hair accessories. Tease your hair to the sky and toss on a flashy headband or tie it up with a satin ribbon. The two trends will automatically change your style from summer drab to fall fab!

Now if volume is something you can’t wrap your head around, don’t worry because the other fall trend is the sleek ponytail. Brush your hair back and smooth the sides with a brush. To make it look even more polished, wrap a strand of hair around the hair tie. Finish your look by spraying the sides with Aveda’s Control Force Hairspray, this will give it a sleep style and firm hold. Always remember no matter what the new trend is, confidence is always your best look! Keep Styling!


Dundee Stylist