Spa Bleu Photo Shoot

Take a look at our Spa Bleu photo shoot! All colors we inspired by Aveda’s new Neo Goth hair colors and Passion Flower fall/winter makeup!

Neo Goth hair color done by our West Dundee stylist Katie and makeup done by our West Dundee Esthetician Katherine.

Hair done by our West Dundee stylist Sabrina and makeup done by our South Barrington Esthetician Melissa to create this chic look.

With African inspiration, hair and makeup done by Andrea and Melissa from our South Barrington location.
 Hair and makeup one by Sabrina and Jinele from West Dundee to create this fierce look.

Have you ever looked at the Horizon when the sun is low down? The sky is red! This was Christy’s inspiration when she created this look!

 Inspired from Aveda’s Passion flower makeup and Neo Goth hair color Kelsey and Melissa focused on the exotic array of colors from the new collections.

Photos by Michael Kostopoulos