Neo Goth by Samantha

This fall and winter season Aveda is featuring “50 shades of red” as this season’s trend. We are exploring all 50 shades from a soft copper to a bold red/violet. The main feature of the collection is the ever so deep and daring Neo-Goth look from Aveda.

Sometimes we all get afraid to step out of our comfort zones and forget to be a little daring. Change can be scary, but a subtle change can make a world of difference. There are many ways to enhance your look with shades of red.  You can be bold and do an allover intense red, make it subtle by adding lowlights or pops of color, or add dimension by trying out a look from the Neo-Goth collection.

Feeling dari
ng? Need a change?  Come in and change up your look with Aveda’s custom color.