Meet Noelle

Meet Noelle, she is a new stylist to our West Dundee location at Spa Bleu!

Who is your mentor?

My mother, she is a talented artist, excellent mother, spouse, homemaker, and amazing with finances. There is not a question she can’t answer for me.

What is one food you couldn’t live without?

Cheese! It goes with, on, or in everything!

What inspires you?

My boys. They are always asking questions and seeing the world with such innocence.

What attracted you to Spa Bleu?

Their dedication to their vision and the way they genuinely care about people and the environment.

What is your favorite Aveda product?

The Invati hair system. it has made such a difference in my thin hair, I have a lot of new growth.

What is one thing your guests probably don’t know about you?

I am an off roading enthusiast, I love jeeps and pushing their limits!

What is your favorite candy bar?

Almond Joy – because sometimes you feel like a nut!