Earth Month


Every year during the entire month of April, Aveda celebrates Earth Month. This year, we’re raising money and awareness to support water related projects like those enjoyed – and illustrated – by kids in Madagascar. Aveda celebrates the network’s grassroots fundraising efforts that have raised more then $20M to protect and maintain clean water around the world. With more than 45 local water partners, 7,000 Aveda locations, 35,000 professionals and millions of guests, we can help achieve this year’s Aveda $5M- goal. Worldwide, nearly one out of every five deaths under the age of five is due to a water-related disease. By investing in clean water alone, young children around the world can gain more than 413 million days of health!
    Earth Month is one of Spa Bleu’s favorite time of the year! On April 21st we will be hosting our annual Earth Month Walk/Run. Our course will be the distance that it takes for citizens of Madagascar to access clean water. Registration starts at 8am at our West Dundee location. Join the Spa Bleu team as we walk to make a change! 
    The Light The Way Earth Month Candle is this year’s limited-edition candle that is inspired by the village of Ampasimanjeva in Madagascar, where more then 4,000 people have benefitted from two clean water projects. All candle proceeds will be donated to support clean water projects worldwide. Some key facts about this wonderful candle:

– Made with 100% certified organic ingredients and soy wax, which burns cleanly and completely
-Warm and spicy aroma features vanilla, cinnamon and ylang ylang from Madagascar
– Candle glass made from 100% reclaimed beverage bottles
– Image on the carton were created by children living in the village of Ampasimanheva in Madagascar