Meet Bridget

Meet Bridget! Bridget is a newer stylist who originally started on our guest service team and worked her way into our hair team!
Who is your mentor?
My dad is my mentor because he has overcome so many obstacles and he still has such a positive attitude. He is inspiring and helps me keep things in perspective.
What is one food you couldn’t live without?
Buffalo Wings.
What inspires you?
Experiencing kind and positive attitudes in others inspires me to lead a happy life and to focus on what is really important and see the best in others.
What attracted you to Spa Bleu?
The amazing people who work here and their incredible work ethic.
What is your favorite Aveda product?
Confixor, it makes my bangs look fly all day and my hair hold shape better, not to mention it smells phenomenal.
What is one thing your guests probably don’t know about you?
I love to rap and Jay-Z and Kanye West are my favorite.
What is your favorite candy bar?