Upcoming Fall Wellness Tips

Yes, another season is upon us. Are you ready to face it? Do you have any goals for this season? Do any of these goals involve your health? Here are some healthy goals you should consider penciling into your planner.
Get a Mammogram and Do A Self Check
Yes, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Most of us know this. Most of us also knows that if we are over forty years of age, we should be getting a mammogram each and every year. Did you get yours this year?
What about a monthly self check? Have you done yours this month? Yes, there are reports that say that these are not necessary because they don’t really help you to prevent cancer. Yet, there are many women who say that they have been able to spot lumps early on by performing these. Plus, the bottom line is that these only take a few minutes out of your time each month. For this reason, you should just take one each month, just in case, since they have no side effects.
Rake Some Leaves
Raking leaves is a good cardio workout. It gives you an excuse to get outside. It gives you an excuse to spend time with your family. It gives you a chance to unwind. These are all healthy benefits.
Eat More Apples
Apples are great in the fall. In the fall, you can usually purchase many apples fresh from local vendors. Why are apples so healthy? They are filled with needed fiber and heart healthy flavnoids.
Clean Your Heating Systems, Air Ducts and Filters

Yes, your furnace and your furnace system can be filled with tons of allergens. These allergens will fill your home as soon as your turn on your furnace. The best way to combat these allergens is to have your heating systems serviced and cleaned each year. You should also clean or replace your filters monthly.
Replace the Batteries In Your Smoke Detectors
Your smoke detector may be the best protection in your home. It may save your life someday. But it can only do this if it is working properly. Make sure to change the batteries in all your smoke detectors twice a year: every spring and fall.
Yes, these are simple tips. Yet, these are simple tips that may improve your health this fall and all year long.