Winter 2013 Nail Trends

If you’re headed in to spruce up your nails, you’ll want to check out this season’s hottest nail trends. While you can’t go wrong with a classic French manicure or a coat of red polish, you might consider one of these new looks.


Like makeup trends, the minimalist look is trendy right now. In other words, models and celebrities are wearing barely-there makeup and light nail colors like cream or soft pink. You can still have a bit of color with this trend, but the idea is to go with light hues that look more natural than eye-popping.


If you want something bolder than a nude color, add a splash of metallic. A hot trend this year is to have a line of silver or gold that runs through your nail. Pick a color for a base coat and then add the kick of color. Whether it’s a gold tipped manicure or a silver streak on your thumb, the metallic color gives your nails a sharper flare.

Purple Shades

The hot color of the season is purple. While the trend tends to lean more towards the lighter shades, darker shades are always great for a change. Consider a mauve or lilac color on your nails. Save the darker purples for your toes.
There’s no reason you can’t have stylish nails. Call to make a mani-pedi appointment. We’ll make sure you leave loving your nails