Help for dry hair is here!

dry remedy
From hat hair to static electricity, split ends to dry frizz, when winter weather hits a bad hair day can last an entire season. In fact, even if you live in a moderate climate, you’re still susceptible to hair-raising changes as the seasons pass.
Many of us tend to think of summer as the time that’s toughest on our locks, thanks to all the expose to sunlight, chlorine, and saltwater. However, winter comes with its own set of weather-induced frustrations. Such as; dullness, breakage, and staticky locks.
The environment can have some of the most damaging effects on hair in both summer and winter, but in winter it’s often worse because people generally don’t take as many precautions to protect their hair.
Sun exposure (when can be as intense on a ski slope as it is on a beach) combined with a blustery winter wind (which can snarl hair) as well as snow, rain and icy cold (which makes hair brittle and dry) can all come together to create some pretty bad winter hair days. Winter is still your hair’s enemy. The reason is indoor heating can sometimes make your hair feel and have results as if you have been under the hairdryer all day.
There is good news! No matter what’s causing your winter hair woes, you can take both protective and preventative measures.
Do you often wonder if you are using the correct products for your hair? Have you been given the correct education on homecare from shampoo all the way to your finishing product?
Replace lost moisture by swapping out your typical shampoo and conditioner combination for one such as the Aveda Dry Remedy line which drenches the hair in moisture without weighing it down. Also, try adding the Dry Remedy Moisturizing Treatment Masque to your at-home regimen once a week for a 63% improvement instantly!

  • Drenches even the driest, most brittle hair with moisture. Leaving it soft, supple and touchable
  • Instantly improves dry hair up to 63% when used as a part of Avedas Dry Remedy moisturizing system
  • Patent-pending deep-moisture complex penetrates hair to deliver lasting, intense moisture powered by buriti oil, pomegranate, and palm-derived conditioners.
  • Relaxing floral aroma blend with certified organix palmarose, ylang ylang, and rose geranium, plus a hint of vanilla.

Dry Remedy Oil works for all hair types, the key is to use the correct amount for your hair type. For example, if you have fire hair, it is best to use 2 drops total when hair is wet. If you hair is thick or on the curly side, use 2 drops when hair is towel dried and 2 drops once hair is dry- always keeping to the ends and mid-length of hair and staying away from the root. This will avoid a greasy look. Instantly moisturizes hair by 41%, this product can be used on wet or dry hair.
If you have any concerns or are unsure of how to handle your hair type, Spa Bleu’s beauty experts will gear you in the right direction.
-Christy Bruski