Spring Cleaning your body

Spring is the perfect time for renewal, growth, and transitions.  We spend much time taking care of our outwardly appearance, and I propose we also include an inner shower, a beauty ritual from the inside out!  The 4 components of a healthy lifestyle mentally, physically and emotionally include: SLEEP, FOOD, MOOD, and EXERCISE, let’s dig deeper..
SLEEP:  More than 2 out of 3 adults do not get their minimal daily requirements.  Lack of sleep is a strong predictor of higher stress and anxiety, which can then lead to emotional eating and overweightness. As we know a rested brain is better able to remember information, stay on task, and concentrate! It also promotes a healthier and stronger immune system.
FOOD:  A balanced and healthy diet keeps your energy high and constant all day without the ravages of blood sugar spiking and dipping, leaving you drained of energy and craving foods with high fat, high sugar content. 
MOOD:  Research shows that people who experience more positive emotions are more innovative and resilient.  An interesting finding also shows that people with a more positive outlook tend to make higher annual incomes than their grumpier counterparts, which alone is a reason to smile!
EXERCISE:  There is a clear and beneficial relationship between exercise and brainpower.  Exercise builds the brain!  Increased blood flow to the brain builds more and stronger connections resulting in improving memory, insight, and deductive reasoning.  Not mentioning the endorphins released that invoke a sense of well-being and overall excitement.