Aveda Headquarters Minnesota Trip



“Visiting Minneapolis for the first time was a truly inspirational experience. Seeing the “behind-the-scenes” to the Aveda world really made my awareness and belief in the company so much higher. The Aveda Headquarters was blissful from start to finish. The employees all seemed like daymakers and loved their career for the beauty industry from the inside and out. I am grateful for the opportunity to see where and how the products are made and the future of Aveda.”


“Being able to visit another Aveda salon/spa, the Headquarters, and the Aveda Institute was a new experience for me and I am very glad I went. The services at Juut Salon and Spa were great however it made me think about how much I truly love Spa Bleu and I’m so fortunate to work for such an amazing place. The tour of the Headquarters was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen! We saw everything from our regular packaged products being made, some of the very first Aveda products ever made, special (very expensive) ingredients, and even people hard at work to make sure everything was running smoothly. We heard from great speakers that day and also got to meet Shiv Nath Tandon who is the co-founder of Aveda with Horst. We then headed back to the Institute and got to tour that as well, it was such an amazing historic building and had 5 floors full of classes and spa rooms. We of course shopped around their retail space for some cool handmade jewelry and Aveda wear. It’s a trip I would definitely do again.  

If you ever get the chance to go, go!”


“We had such a great time on our Minneapolis trip. We were able to visit Juut and enjoy some relaxing services, have outstanding food at my new favorite restaurant chino Latino, and explore the Aveda headquarters as well as the Minneapolis institute. We learned how many steps it takes before the products hit our shelves and got to see all the products being manufactured. They have a special area were the FDA approves the products for being organic before they can be packaged. We were also told one huge reason why our products are so expensive is because of the aromas. A liter size of pure rose oil is roughly around $10,000 and some of the oils can be more expenses than that! We also had the pleasure of meeting some great people and listening to them speak about the company and what the future holds. They also shared some new products that are being made which included a smooth infusion masque, thickening tonic, a hand relief serum, shampure composition, and more. Overall we had an amazing experience and came home full of ideas!”

– Karen    

“I am so thankful we had the opportunity to go to Minneapolis to visit Aveda’s headquarters and the Institute. I learned so much about how the company was formed and how much goes into making each and every product before it hits our shelves. I’ve never been to another Aveda salon and was happy to visit Juut where daymaking began. The four of us have already begun taking some of what they do and incorporating it into our day at Spa Bleu. Working for a company that truly believes in what they do and stand for is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I treasure each and every day that I can be a part of it.”