5 Things Every Woman Should Splurge On

You and I both know some things are worth the “extra”.  What is worth it to you? How about a calm soul, feeling refreshed and revived, a confidence boost, feeling beautiful inside and out, a mini vacation from the daily grind. I would argue the things below are not luxuries, but rather necessities for survival as we combat the daily challenges of our life!
Great Haircut – A great hair cut makes everything better. It can be life-changing making you feel younger, more stylish, bolder and more confident. Enjoy a detailed consultation, bring photos, listen to the stylist’s suggestions and make a decision together. You will emerge transformed. Be ready to take on the world, embracing change for your image and yourself.
Massage – Have aches, pains, stress or tension? Experiencing a massage in a calm, cool environment with soothing music in the background can provide more benefits than you realize. By allowing you the opportunity to quiet your mind, you will enter a heightened state of awareness allowing you to be in the present moment relaxed and ready to take on whatever obstacles lay ahead.
Facial – The number one reason to receive a professional facial is to keep your skin healthy. Did you know skin is your largest organ? It takes a beating as our great protector. Your skin is thinner than saran wrap, water-proof and stain-resistant. Show it some love! Not only is a facial incredibly relaxing, it stimulates cell renewal, removes dry skin, deeply moisturizes and provides a healthy glow.
Manicure/Pedicure – Similar to a facial, a mani/pedi provides needed exfoliation and hydration for hands and feet.  It helps promote healthy nails by removing calluses and cuticles, preventing dead skin build up and keeping skin soft while offering a mini vacation for your mind.  Picking a fun polish lets the world know at a glance if you are feeling bold, playful, sexy, funky or flirty. Your polish allows for self expression from the wrist and ankles down providing the perfect finishing touch to make you feel complete.
Brow Wax – And speaking of a finishing touch, there is nothing more flattering than showing off your eyes. Having those brows waxed and plucked regularly allows you to flaunt your best expression.  A professional can shape your brows to give you a more youthful look, balance your facial features and give you a refined appearance.  Much less expensive than plastic surgery, this quick trick can do more to enhance your features than almost any other beauty treatment.