Habitat for Humanity


At Spa Bleu we believe in giving back to our community. Our team volunteered their time over a course of two days in February to help support a nonprofit organization, Habitat for Humanity. Their organization believes that every person should have a decent, safe, an affordable place to live. They build, renovate, and repair houses all over the word using volunteer and labor donations. Our Spa Bleu team had over 20 volunteers to help repair a house in Elgin, a nearby community. We dominated tasks such as flooring, painting, caulking, sanding, and more. At the end of both days we all felt a little emotional knowing that a family would live in the home we helped with and that their children would be raised in a stable environment. It was a great feeling and we look forward to donating our time again in the future. Habitat for Humanity is always looking for volunteers. Please visit their website at http://www.habitat.org/local to find your local affiliate.

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