Meet Emilie

Emilie started beauty school in February 2014 downtown Chicago at the Aveda Institute. She graduated at the end of January and moved back out to the suburbs where she discovered Spa Bleu and began working just this past April. We asked Emilie a few questions so you can get to know her too!
What is your favorite Aveda product and why?
My favorite Aveda product would be the naturally straight because I love using it on textured hair and it’s perfect for blowouts! I also love Aveda skincare; it’s all I use and the plant peels are amazing.
What is your favorite Spa Bleu service and why?
I love facials! I always add on a plant peel and my skin is always so fresh afterwards and you can really see the difference.
What is one interesting fact about you?
I have two aunts in the cosmetology field and I always grew up watching them and wishing to follow in their footsteps. I’m so glad I’ve pursued my passion. Two and a half years into nursing I decided to do what I’ve always wanted and that was enroll at the Aveda Institute.
Why did you choose Spa Bleu?
I chose Spa Bleu because I really loved the family and team atmosphere. Everyone is so nice and friendly and very welcoming. I was afraid to get out in the industry where it sometimes has a reputation and Spa Bleu is anything but!