How To Achieve a Sun-kissed Glow Without The Harmful Effects of the Sun

Here’s how to create a sun-kissed glow………

  sk11. Prep Skin  
Apply Sheer Inner Light™ Tinted Moisture first, and then smooth on foundation & concealer where needed. If the skin is oily, set with powder on any areas to keep bronzer from looking too dark.
sk22. Choose your shade of bronzer.

For fair to medium skin tones, use Uruku Bronzer/Amazonia. For medium to deeper tones use Uruku Bronzer/Brazilian Sun. A general guideline is to choose a shade that is one shade darker than your skin tone. However, if you are naturally tan or have a deeper skin tone, you can go 2 shades darker.

 sk33. Next, use a full brush to help the product go on more evenly and appear more blended.
 Aveda’s Uruku Bronzer Brush works perfectly for this.
sk44. Now, apply your bronzer.
 Swirl the Uruku Bronzer Brush onto your Uruku Bronzer. Tap off excess. Apply in circular motions. Imagine creating the number 3. Begin by applying just above the temples, along the cheekbones, and along the jaw line. Blend whatever is left on brush along your neck. Blend well.
sk55. Apply blush.
On the apples of the cheek, add your favorite Petal Essence™ Face Accent. Rose Blossom and Apricot Glow are perfect accents to enhance your sun-kissed glow.
sk66. Don’t’ forget your lips!
Protect your lips from the sun, by applying Lip Saver™ first. Next, add a brightly toned lip gloss in Nourish-mint™ Rehydrating Lip Glaze Pink Lotus or Sunkissed Melon.
Two years ago, Beauty Redefined published a popular post arguing that the soaring increase in the number of young women with skin cancer is a beauty issue above all else. It has to do with young, light-skinned women believing tanned skin is equivalent to looking more beautiful, thin and “radiant.” They acknowledged there are a few causes worth dying for, but having a “bronzed, healthy glow” is NOT one of them. Hopefully this helps all of our fellow sun sensitive peers to obtain a REAL HEALTHY GLOW by using our natural Aveda products without damaging our skin by spending hours in the sun!