Gifts That Care

Gifts that Care

The green paper on our gift sets? It’s handcrafted and employs 5,500* people in Nepal – helping to change lives. Mothers can send their children to school and become providers with their income. Fathers who had to leave for work can now find it in their communities. Our Certified Wildlife Friendly® paper helps protect animals’ habitats, too. Now that’s a reason for joy.
A Gift of Renewal for Your Journey                         A Gift to Melt Away Stress
*a gift of renewal for your journey $28.50                        *a gift of melt away stress $69
A Gift to Make Her Smile
*a gift to make her smile $22
A Gift to Relieve Stress for the Road                                A Gift of Comfort and Light
*a gift to relieve stress for the road $44                          *a gift of comfort and light $40
2,400 families now can buy food, repair their homes, send children to school, and save for the future.
42,000 acres of forest protected means animals lives are changed too, by Certified Wildlife Friendly paper that helps protect their habitats.
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