Spa Bleu is making people and our planet beautiful!

asian woman with wig full of garbage waste in her hair smiling with hairspray and hair dryer

Spa Bleu is celebrating being a 1 year member of Green Circle Salons, which is a comprehensive recycling / reuse program that will help us to significantly reduce our environmental impact on the planet. The program helps us to redirect out of water streams and landfills everything once considered as garbage: hair (in 2010 Green Circle Salons sent more than 1,000 pounds of hair to the Gulf of Mexico to help clean the BP oil spill), foils, color tubes, paper, plastics, and liquid chemical waste (most salons today simply rinse all leftover liquid chemicals into the sink and down the drain).

Below you will find the results from our 1st year partnering with Green Circle Salons:

Spa Bleu South Barrington

Solid Waste: 1464.4 lbs

Excess Color By-Product: 140.3 lbs

Total: ​1604.7 lbs

Spa Bleu West Dundee

Solid Waste: 1556.7 lbs

Excess Color By-Product: 181 lbs

Total: 1737.7 lbs