Spread the Holiday Cheer by Gifting Aveda!


Changing lives in Nepal

(now that’s a reason for joy!)


For nine years, Aveda has purchased handcrafted paper from Nepal to wrap our gift boxes.  This beautiful Nepal Lokta Bark paper has done much more than adorn our packaging, it has changed lives. In spring 2015 massive earthquakes shook Nepal and millions lost homes and livelihoods.  Many emigrated away.  Yet 4900* resilient papermakers have stayed, and our commitment to our partnership which began in 2007 remains while they build lives and communities and provide for their children’s education.


And our paper helps wildlife, too.  Our purchase of Certified Wildlife Friendly paper helps protect 42,000 acres of habitat, for animals like the red panda and endangered snow leopard.  In fact, we are the first company to purchase both Forest Stewardship Council certified and Certified Wildlife Friendly paper.

Introducing the 2016 Aveda Premade Holiday Gift Set Line up!

(Don’t forget we can custom make gift sets too, with many limited edition items to choose from and wrapped in beautiful paper straight from Nepal!)


A gift of comfort and light $40


Feeling Balanced is a gift $79


A Gift of Renewal for Your Journey $28.50


A Gift to Make Her Smile $19.50


A Gift of Pure Comfort $39.50


An Escape from Stress is a Gift $79

Don’t miss out on these amazing gift sets! Stop in to either Spa Bleu location. While supplies last only!