Helping our Community with Willow Creek Church!

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The mission at Willow Creek Community Church Care Center is simple. They want to help by offering long-term solutions that empower people toward a more stable future. We believe in helping too and Willow Creek offers a place for us to keep our values alive!

Here are some of our favorite Spa Bleu Values:

FUN: Atmosphere leads to happy employees which leads to happy and satisfied guests!

TRUST: In our fellow team members and leadership will create a successful future.

TEAMWORK: Is an unconditional effort to assist each other to benefit our guests and build unity within our business.

HAPPINESS: Is a choice of well being and commitment that you make to yourself and your ability to spread it to others.

This time The Willow Creek Church put us to work in their Care Center packing groceries for families in need.  The Care Center always experiences their busiest times during the holiday season. Why not help out by volunteering for a couple hours, it feels good to help and its fun too! Find more info or  Sign up to volunteer here!


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