What’s Trending For Hair This Year?

Woman with Beautifull Hair

It’s a new year and after something of a wild ride last year, you’re probably looking for a way to shake it off and begin again. There’s no better way to do just that than to switch up your style, even if it’s just a tweak rather than a full do-over. Here are some trends in hairstyles coming your way this year. Take your pick!
That mainstay of hairstyles, the bob, isn’t going anywhere this year, but it is getting a bit of a makeover. Rather than the classic cuts – shorter in the back or pageboy – this year the bob will take on a softer look. Your stylist can add in some texture with a few well-placed layers that will add more movement and volume to the style while also highlighting the facial features that suit you best.
Remember those old music videos from way back when? The mullet was the style for both men and women at the time, and it’s come back for a visit. This time around, however, it’s been updated as a modern mullet, or the MoMu. This year it will be softer and more blended, longer around the ears than the original but still shorter on top. It should work for just about anyone, too.
Getting back to basics is another big push this year, and it fits just about everyone. If you’re a natural curly head, embrace those curls and let them do their thing. This is au naturel at its finest, flaunting what Mother Nature gave you. If you’re not endowed with endless curls, you can still embrace your inner flower child by brushing out your hair completely before shampooing. Then wash gently to avoid tangles. Lightly towel dry and then leave it to air dry naturally without even touching your hair. Your natural texture will emerge all on its own.
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