Aveda Summer Essentials

Every year in preparation for summer I find myself going through my bathroom cabinets (and my fridge!) purging the bad making room for the good. I move my winter-targeted hair and body products to the back of the cabinet and bring forward all my Aveda summer faves! Aveda has a lot of goodies to offer us all year round but I wanted to share my summer line-up including Lip Saver, Toning Mist, Sun Veil, Hydrating Masque, and last but certainly not least…Daily Light Guard. 
This product is perfect for all seasons but I personally tend to use it more often in the summer. Lip Saver is a moisturizing balm that helps soften your lips & seal in moisture. When you use Aveda’s Lip Saver this summer you’ll be nourishing and softening your lips with organic shea butter & sunflower oil. Castor oil is used to moisturize and strengthen your lip’s moisture barrier. The aroma/flavor features cinnamon leaf & clove. I keep one of these hydrating lip balms in my purse at all times.
Botanical Kinetics Toning MistAnother one of my hot weather must haves is this cooling, refreshing mist that helps to hydrate and balance your skin while minimizing surface oil build-up. Before learning about this product I used to buy those oil blotting sheets from the drugstore in bulk during the summer months but thankfully this product has taken it’s place. This revitalizing mist is a blend of rose water, white oak, and peppermint that you can mist on your face after cleansing or on TOP of your makeup through out the day to remove excess oil leaving you with a natural matte finish!
Aveda’s Sun Care Protective Hair Veil is a UV-defense spray, definitely one of my beach bag essential! When you mist this on damp hair it forms an invisible screen against the sun for up to 16 hours, protecting your hair from sun damage AND color fading! It has organic shea butter and coconut palm oils that weightlessly condition and detangle your locks. Not to mention the aroma…I wish I could wear this as a perfume- it’s infused with certified organic neroli, ylang-ylang and cistus oils making up the perfect light, refreshing tropical aroma that screams summer.
The Intensive Hydrating Masque is a gel textured, oil-free masque that hydrates and cools your skin, providing instant soothing relief from dryness, stress, and over exposure to the elements (hello sunburn!!)  This masque is packed with ingredients like organic aloe, kelp, and lavender to help soothe and condition your skin. It also contains rose water that helps tone/refresh the skin and a sugar derived humectant that delivers a surge of essential hydration. Aveda junkie tip: store your intensive hydrating masque in the fridge for extra cooling relief on that inevitable pesky sunburn.
The final item I want to tell you about is a somewhat newer addition to Aveda skincare, Daily Light Guard. Ever since it’s hit Spa Bleu’s shelves it’s been my holy grail. It’s the final step in my every day morning skin care ritual and doubles as the ideal makeup primer. It’s beneficial to use everyday to provide your skin defense from UVA & UVB rays with non-chemical 100% mineral based sunscreen technology and SPF 30. I never knew the importance of a mineral based sunscreen until I was researching this product last summer. Mineral sunscreens use active ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium oxide to reflect the sun’s rays like a mirror, protecting exposed skin. While other sunscreens use a combination of various chemicals to absorb the rays (it’s actually a chemical reaction that happens right on your skin!) The active ingredients in mineral sunscreen don’t break down as readily in the sun, so they offer more protection for longer. It’s also dermatologist tested, non-acnegenic and suitable for every skin type. Bonus: It’s non-greasy and it doesn’t have that typical distinct sunscreen smell!

daily light guard
Stop in Spa Bleu if you want to experience any of my recommendations…you won’t be sorry!
Lip Saver $8.50
Botanical Kinetics Toning Mist $21
Sun Care Protective Hair Veil $28
Intensive Hydrating Masque $24
Daily Light Guard $42