Everyone's scalp needs care

Beauty begins within…that’s true for your hair as well. Since Aveda believes beautiful hair is rooted in your scalp, they developed a new line of scalp care called Pramasana. To be honest, I never thought about treating my scalp like skin but after receiving the new Pramasana scalp treatment at Spa Bleu I realized it’s like getting a facial…only for your scalp! It was stimulating, cleansing, and balancing on my scalp and it left my hair soft and shiny! And I can’t wait to tell you all about the process…
The new Pramasana professional service is only offered at Aveda salons and is perfect for anyone who wants a healthy, clean scalp. I personally loved the whole experience…my stylist started off with using the new exfoliating scalp brush that has looped bristles to massage my scalp without tangling my hair.  She used the brush to exfoliate and loosen up the product build-up on my scalp, it felt amazing, and the massage is known to increase micro-circulation.
Next, she brought me to the shampoo bowl, wet my hair, and applied the new purifying scalp cleanser while massaging my head for another 5 minutes. This cleanser deeply cleanses and instantly balances sebum levels. (*Sebum is found on your skin all over your body and its sole purpose is to maintain the moisture balance of your skin. When you have just the right amount of this oily substance, it helps protect your skin…but if your skin has too much sebum, you’ll probably be battling oily hair, and if it has too little sebum, you could end up with dry, cracked, flaky scalp)
Remember, the scalp cleanser is for your scalp…not your hair, so it’s important to follow it up with your favorite Aveda shampoo that meets your specific hair needs.
Then, my stylist applied the Pramasana professional nourishing scalp masque to add some hydration to my scalp. After all the exfoliating, the cooling sensation felt really refreshing.
In place of conditioner, she picked the damage remedy botanical hair therapy treatment that penetrated my hair with protein and instantly repaired my damaged hair by 84%. I always add these quick deep conditioning treatments on when I come in for my haircuts & love how my hair looks and feels afterwards.
After rinsing the deep conditioning treatment out, my stylist brought me back to her station. She parted my hair and put drops of the new protective scalp concentrate on to balance and protect my scalp. She told me this concentrate also instantly balances the sebum levels, nourishes and helps preserve the scalp’s protective barrier.
To top it all off, the treatment is finished with an amazing blow out and style. It lasted for days and I love having a professional style my hair.
As always, my stylist recommended the products I should be using at home to reap the most benefits of the service I just had…available for retail sale is a 3 part Pramasana system, which is 98% naturally derived:
Pramasana Exfoliating Brush $20
Pramasana Purifying Cleanser $35
Pramasana Protective Scalp Concentrate $45
I purchased the whole system since I’m a fan of non-wash days and a frequent user of dry shampoo. The Pramasana system is the ideal line to remove buildup from styling products (and dry shampoo!), sweat, pollution and more. It’s like a detox for my scalp I can do myself right at home. But when I want the true spa-day for my scalp, I can make another appointment at Spa Bleu for the full Pramasana treatment and receive all the professional extras. =)
If you’d like to try this amazing, relaxing, gentle scalp treatment for $10 off…call Spa Bleu now and reserve your spot with one of our talented stylists!

*$10 off full treatment now thru August 31*