Fall into wellness

The transition from summer to fall can be a challenge. To help ease the change, we’ve put together some Wellness Tips to get you ready for the colder months and keep your mental (and physical!) health in check.
Start taking a Vitamin D supplement. We get most of our Vitamin D from the sun, so our intake decreases when the weather is colder since we spend most of our time inside during the fall/winter seasons. If you find you are not getting outside much, a Vitamin D supplement can boost your mood and immune system!
Take some time to yourself. Autumn and winter are the Earth’s way of telling us to slow down. Start a journal or track your moods to get more in touch with how your feeling. It’s always a great idea to stop in Spa Bleu for a relaxing spa treatment & our new sister store, Inspire Bleu offers guided meditation to alter your state of well-being, de-stress and find inner peace. When your mind is calm, your body is more capable. Inspire Bleu’s meditation sessions encourage clarity, calmness, and serenity in yourself and your surroundings.
Boost your immune system. You can do this by drinking plenty of water, washing your hands often to prevent sickness, and eating nutritious foods. Buy in-season food…beets, broccoli, cabbage, eggplant, kale, pumpkin, broths, roasted squash, roots and sautéed dark leafy greens are all great choices. Bleuroot in West Dundee is currently hosting a seasonal farmer’s market with plenty of fresh, local fruit and veggie options! Every Saturday/Sunday in October 9am-2pm
Make some plans for the cold months. In the winter, we tend to hibernate if we don’t have things to keep us busy. Inspire Bleu offers specialized yoga sessions in small group settings as a great activity all year round!

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Moisturize your skin. We recommend treating your skin to a facial treatment with every season change. Meet with one of our skincare specialists to prepare for the dry months ahead. Aveda offers several facial and body crèmes. Let us help you enhance your routine for beautiful skin this winter!
Get some books to read and shows to watch. Who doesn’t want to sit by the fire on chilly nights and read a good book or binge-watch some Netflix?
Keep a schedule. The cold months can seem to drag on and push us into isolation. Stay on track by scheduling time in your day to do things you like to do.
Be kind to yourself. The holidays can cause weight gain, the shorter days can cause low mood, and the flu season can cause sickness. Listen to your body and give it what it needs, and don’t beat yourself up! Try reframing negative thoughts into positive ones.