4 Things your Skin Wants you to Know in 2019

Do you know that your skin is the largest (external) organ of your body? It might even be the most neglected part of your body! Sometimes we take our skin for granted and don’t know how to care for it properly, but if your skin could talk it would have a lot to say. We need to care for our skin as we care for the rest of our bodies: intentionally! Try these four new things to care for your skin in 2019.  

  1. “Please keep me hydrated!” 
    There are many different opinions on how much water we should drink to stay healthy, but to try to keep it simple, follow the 8×8 rule. The 8×8 rule is 8 glasses of water at 8 oz each, per day. Drinking water aids in absorption, circulation, and excretion. This is important for all your many skin cells! In fact, water comprises 70% of all your body’s cells. 

    Drinking a sufficient amount of water and hydrating your cells properly allows your skin to be plump, healthy, and glow. We all want the beautiful skin glow, right? When you don’t drink enough water, your skin can be dull, dry, and flakey. Skin that is dry is also prone to wrinkling more easily, so make sure to drink your 8×8, every day!
  2. “Please protect me with SPF.” 
    The skin on your face needs to be protected with 30 SPF every single day. If you’re just going for a walk, driving in your car, or sitting by a window in the office, you need to protect it against the sun’s harmful rays (UVA & UVB). The UVB rays are what burn your skin and can be felt immediately, however UVA rays are much more harmful because it can penetrate deeper into your skin. UVA rays can cause premature wrinkling, aging, and other skin damage; both types of rays can cause skin cancer. Protect your skin every day!
  3. “Please exfoliate me!” 
    Your skin sheds dead skin cells, constantly, but they don’t always fall off. If you don’t exfoliate those dead skin cells away, they will start to buildup and can make your skin look dull, cause breakouts, and even lead to premature aging. Start by gently exfoliating your skin once a week (if you have sensitive skin) and work your way up to exfoliating twice a week. You can use a manual exfoliation, like a masque that has biodegradable beads, or you can use a chemical exfoliation, like an AHA or BHA. 
  4. “Please know what you’re putting on me every day!” 
    Typically, we want you to trust your esthetician to help you choose your skin routine, but we know sometimes that you are attached to what you have been using or something someone recommended to you. Your skin just asks that you know what you are putting on it. We know all those words on the back of your face wash, toner, and moisturizer might not mean that much to you, but you could be doing more harm than good if you don’t know what is in your products. Instead of spending hours Googling “Benefits of *insert ingredient here*” just bring in your products and ask your esthetician to help you. Your esthetician is trained to know what most ingredients are and what they do for your skin! 

    Starting a new year means we all get to start fresh, and your skin deserves the best. If you can incorporate these four things that your skin wants you to know (all the time) then your skin will be elastic, youthful, and glowing. Now you have three new things to add to your New Year’s resolution: drink more water, wear SPF every day, and exfoliate twice a week. Don’t forget to bring in your skin care routine to your next facial and ask your esthetician to help you! 

Happy New Year!