Are you spring break ready?

Is Your Body Spring Break Ready?
It’s time to start preparing for your spring break. Whether your taking a trip to somewhere sunny and warm, or staying home to have a good time with your friends, you need to consider what your body needs for your upcoming break. Get your face ready with an awesome facial and start preparing your body with our waxing services.
Waxing is perfect for multiple parts of your body: legs, arms, underarms, face, and bikini lines. You may decide to wax all of these areas, or just a few. When you wax your body, you are giving yourself more time to have fun on your spring break! You won’t have to worry about shaving, ingrown hairs, strawberry skin, or any other issues. Waxing is quick, affordable, effective, and long-lasting. Your skin will thank you!
No Need to Shave
Getting waxed means not having to shave for at least four weeks, and up to six weeks, since the hair is pulled out at the root. This ensures you will be perfectly smooth for your entire break and can focus on your spring break activities. Shaving only cuts the hair a few millimeters above the surface of your skin, which means that you will never be fully smooth. This can also cause skin irritation, ingrown hairs, and can cause the skin to thicken. Shaving also puts you at risk for cuts and nicks, which can cause discoloration and scars.
We recommend keeping up with your waxing routine as this will help promote thinner and softer hair regrowth. Because waxing removes the hair from the root, this damages the follicle and makes it weaker over time. This weakening of the follicle causing the hair to grow back thinner, softer, and sparser. Eventually, the hair will stop growing back altogether (which would be awesome, right?).
Gentle Exfoliation
Since waxing, by nature, is sticky and pulls, it gently removes the top layer of dead skin cells. When this happens, skin is softer, suppler, and brighter. This can help with any kind of discoloration or scarring you may have gotten from traditional shaving. We recommend that you exfoliate the place you will be getting waxed at least three days before your waxing appointment, but not the day of your appointment. This will help prepare your skin for the waxing process.
Less Irritation
We aren’t going to lie to you, waxing doesn’t always feel that great; in fact, sometimes it does hurt. However, shaving can cause skin irritation every single time you shave. Shaving can cause skin inflammation, ingrown hairs, red bumps, and rashes. Skin inflammation is caused by excessive use of a razor because of the friction on the skin; this type of friction can cause your skin cells to become thicker and this can also cause discoloration (even if you don’t nick or cut yourself).
We have licensed estheticians that look forward to making you spring break ready and giving you a healthier way of living. Waxing is great to start now, right before your vacation, but remember to keep up with it when you come back so that your skin will be soft, beautiful, and bright. If you’re curious about our prices, check them out here. Book your appointment with us today!