Wake Up Flawless: A Brow & Lash Tinting Q&A!

Brow and lash tinting has become super popular at Spa Bleu, with our guests loving that polished, effortless, “I woke up like this” look. If you want to know more, here are the top questions we get about brow and lash tinting!
Q: What is brow and lash tinting?
A: An esthetician applies semi-permanent vegetable color to lashes or brows to add color, shape and thickness. Results last from 2-4 weeks.
Q: What is the procedure like for brow tinting?
A: First, the esthetician chooses the right shade for you, based on your skin tone, eye and hair color. Your eyes and skin are protected with eye pads and a protective cream. Color solution is brushed onto your brows. After a few minutes, the solution is dry and the excess is washed away using mild soap and water.
Q: What is the procedure like for lash tinting?
A: The esthetician applies a protective cream under your eyes and places a pad over it. Relax and close your eyes while the tint is applied to your lashes using a fine brush. The color will set for at least 10 minutes before it’s washed off with mild soap and water.

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Q: Is brow and lash tinting safe?
A: Yes—when done by a licensed professional who has been trained and certified. Lash and brow tinting done by an amateur could have harmful repercussions including eye injury or damage. This is a type of service that is undoubtedly best left to the experts.
Q: What are the biggest benefits of brow and lash tinting?
A: The obvious one is you can skip eyebrow pencils, fillers, mascara, and false lashes in exchange for defined brows and lashes that don’t wash off. For brows, the esthetician places the color solution in a symmetrical fashion so they always look even—which doesn’t always happen with makeup.
Q: Who would get the most out of brow and lash tinting?
A: People with naturally fine, sparse or light-colored lashes and brows. Or, those who re-apply lash and brow makeup often after swimming, sweating, or other activities. Guests who have a special occasion where they might tear up — (Brides, we’re looking at you!) — never have to worry about smudges or touch-ups during their event.
Have we answered YOUR biggest questions about lash and brow tinting? Our estheticians are standing by to give you the enhanced, defined brows and lashes you crave. It’s also part of our Summer Specials right now! Click here to book online.