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We love the idea of keeping the essentials at work with us for big meeting touch-ups, after-work plans or just a mid-day confidence boost. Stock your desk with these items that will keep you looking polished and put-together. (Items with * are available at Spa Bleu.)
1: Aveda Travel Sizes*
Keep a mini Air Control Hair Spray, Texture Tonic, Thickening Tonic or mini Hand Relief creme available at all times for hair touch-ups and mid-day TLC.
2: Lint Roller
Pet hair, lint and fuzzies are never a good look.
3:  Nutriplenish Hair Oil*
Hair looking a little dry? Scalp feeling a little itchy. This is great for adding shine and conditioning back to your hair.
4: Feed My Lips Lipstick*
There’s just something about wearing the perfect lip color that pulls your whole look together.
5: Stress-Fix Concentrate*
For those days that are a bit too much, keep this deskside to help reduce feelings of stress and find your inner peace.
6:  Umbrella
Be prepared for any surprise downpour.
7: Hair Elastics
Give yourself the option of being able to put your hair up if you need to.
8: Nail File
Having a hangnail is so distracting and biting it off should never be the solution.
9: Brush
For those moments when you just need to fix your hair and go, we love Aveda’s mini paddle brush.
10: Face Mist*
For a quick way to boost your glow and combat excess oil use Botanical Kinetics Toning Mist.
11: Comfortable Shoes
Keep something classic like a pair of black ballet flats or nude sandals that will go with anything if you need to give your feet a break.
12: Hand Saniziter
Germs. Everywhere. Keep them at bay by keeping some with you at all times.
13: Rinseless Refresh*
Dry shampoo can be a little messy. We love how easy this spray cleanses and refreshes our hair for an instant boost.
14: Lip Balm*
Because dry, cracked lips are never fun to deal with. Relieve them with nourishing Lip Saver Balm.
15: Mini Sewing Kit
No wardrobe malfunctions for you. A needle plus a few thread color options, as well as safety pins means no wardrobe malfunctions for you.
Stock up on these at-work must-haves at your next appointment or shop online.