Work With Us At Spa Bleu

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us a lot of lessons and shown us what is important in life—like safety, health, the art of smizing under a mask, and the ability to work with an amazing and supportive team. We’ve learned that when life gets stressful, having a job you love can make a huge difference.… Read more »


The Big Thaw – Prepare Your Skin for Spring

With winter comes many great things, but one thing that’s not so great? The effects harsh winters have on our hair and skin!    Cold weather causes humidity levels in the air to drop, stripping our skin of its moisture and natural oils. Cold temperatures mixed with the increased use of indoor heating systems, warm… Read more »


Why the Royce Hair Brand?

As an Elite Stylist and Trainer at Spa Bleu, Christy Bruski knows a thing or two about hair. Following a need she saw with her clients for top quality home-care, she used her knowledge and experience to create ROYCE hair tools, which bridge the gap between consumers and professionals in the hair industry. The result:… Read more »