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Earth Day. Earth Month. Earth Year!

Happy Earth Month! As we all know, Earth Month is a special time to reflect on the stewardship of our planet and take action to protect and conserve our precious resources. At Spa Bleu, we are committed to the Aveda mission and to making a positive impact on the environment while helping our clients do… Read more »


Eco-Friendly Beauty At Its Best!

At Spa Bleü, caring for the earth is not just an “Earth Month” thing—we are an eco-friendly, sustainable business year-round! But April is the time when we love to involve our community in our efforts.


10 Ways to Celebrate Earth Month (Forever)

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Aveda (@aveda) on Apr 26, 2018 at 2:46pm PDT April is Earth Month! As a place of beauty and wellness, we’d like to share some ideas to change up your routine to be more environmentally friendly—not just this month, but every day, because “Earth Month” should… Read more »